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Never Shout Never screams Seattle!

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Mix 3 parts sugar, 2 parts spice, and a dash of ink for the tattoos, and what do you end up with? New pop sensation Christofer Drew Ingle of Never Shout Never.

Just 18 years of age, Ingle is somewhat of an overnight success with power to write his own ticket in the ever changing world of music.

He along with his band mates; Caleb Denison – guitar/vocals, Nathan Ellison – drums, Taylor MacFee – bass, Dustin Dobernig – keyboards, violin, and Hayden Kaiser – tambourine, djembe, xylophone played to a sold out crowd Sunday night as an opening act for Boys Like Girls in Seattle.

Their tour manager said that the band would be headlining a show the following night in Spokane, but by the looks and screams from the crowd you’d thought that they were the headliners that night.

If you can imagine a crowd made up of 90% girls between the ages of 12 and 18 screaming at the top of the lungs you would have done what I was doing half the night, and that’s plugging my ears.

Engle worked the crowd like a seasoned pro reminiscent of Tom Jones (in other words, he gave the girls what they wanted to hear) “I love you,” he said in a shy soft spoken voice, and the crowed went wild shouting back “I love you.”

I don’t think the girls in the crowd that night could have tired hearing him say those three words, and from somewhere out of the crowd over the high pitched screams, I heard a mature woman’s voice say “He’s so adorable.”¬† I smiled to myself and thought, “This kids got it.”

He went as far as talking to a couple in the crowd and then dedicated a song to them for which I’m sure the boyfriend of the young girl would be talking about for days to come.

Mind you, that I’m not into this kind of music, but I will¬†admit that I enjoyed the freshness that the band and Ingle brought to the stage. Maybe they were more like the Monkey’s to me, and Ingle was like Davie Jones. No matter, these guys have a unique quality about them and will do just fine for Warner Bros. Records who recently signed them to their label.

If you’re a parent, and hear your kids talking about a band called “Never Shout Never,” no worries, it’s good clean fun.


Written by chucktuck

July 10, 2009 at 11:20 pm