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Impressions are made; No Doubt

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July 19 2009-No.Doubt_0404 copyJuly 19 2009-No.Doubt_0680 copy

No Doubt may have been absent from touring, and Gwen Stefani may have ventured off on her own with great success, but the fans wanted to see the full monte so to speak, and they got it.

From the moment the band hit the stage the crowd of fans at the White River Amphitheater were in a frenzy trying to get a glimpse of Stefani, Kanal, Young, and Dumont do what they love, and that’s put on a show.   There was no stopping Stefani as she moved from one end of the the stage to the other. 

In what reminded me of a Willy Wonka moment the band dressed in white on a bright white stage worked well for me as a “wow” factor.   There was no need for any special effects here, it was special just being there.

I honestly can’t tell you if it sounded good or not, because I was amazed at the whole package of movement and sound.  Hmm, I guess that must mean it sounded good, right?  Make that great!

I certainly didn’t give it much thought before arriving at the show but once I was there I have to admit, that I was once again pleasantly surprised and genuinely wanted to stick-around for the show.

July 19 2009-No.Doubt_0122 copyIt’s also hard to believe that it’s been about 12 years since these friends from Anaheim, CA burst onto the pop music scene, and then produced Grammy winning singles like “Hey Baby” and “Underneath It All” as well as chart toppers like “Don’t Speak”.

Like they did in the early 90’s, they almost single handily brought Ska music back to mainstream, and it looks like they could do it again with their current tour.  I wouldn’t be surprised if their music finds its way back on regular air-play at radio stations across America.  (not that it was ever gone)

It’s time to dust off your No Doubt CD’s, and hit repeat because there’s no doubt that this foursome has a fan base that’s ready to follow them anywhere.


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July 21, 2009 at 10:06 pm

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Jonny Lang

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Lang makes his Gibson scream with emotion

The latter part of the week brought Jonny Lang to the Tulalip Amphitheatre for a lesson in Blues music.  Lang who is just 28 years of age has been playing with top performer such as Buddy Guy and B.B. King for nearly half of his life. 

Lang was reportedly sick that night, and had been running upwards of a 103 temperature for several days, but he still performed like a true champion despite his illness. 

While waiting to see Lang come out to the stage and perform, I saw walking in the field of people none other than Roger Fisher, original member and guitar player of the group Heart.  I waved and he smiled and came by for a chat.  He talked about some fun times and memories he had back-in-the-day with Heart at Detroit’s Colbalt Hall.

Also in the audience was Merrilee Moore, 2009 Artist of the Year chosen by the Arts Council of Snohomish County.  Her works with glass and steel are beyond imagination for most people and compare to famed glass artist Dale Chihuly.

I was lucky that my conversations with all these people ended when it did, because just then the crowd stood up and cheered as the band members and Lang walked out onto the stage and started their jam.   

Lang was visibly pale, but his smile never faded.  His voice although he was sick sounded strong as ever (aside from the occasional cough when he turned away from the microphone)

Sick or not, there is one constant about Lang and that is his ability to play his guitar like an old Blues player, and he’s had that gift for a very long time in his thus young life. Jonny Lang

I think it was towards the end of the concert that he played Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground,” and it of course was great.  He also had all the band members at one point in the show perform solo’s and everyone of the musicians showed their talents.  If you didn’t think a bass player could do a solo, wait until you hear Jim Anton on the bass guitar!

When the concert ended, you could tell that everyone was satisfied and left happy that they had come out that night too see Jonny Lang.

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July 19, 2009 at 8:21 pm

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2009 Rockstar Mayhem Festival

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Hardcore metal-head fans were out in force on the grounds of the White River Amphitheater in Auburn Tuesday for a hot day of loud music.

Three stages, 12 bands, and thousands of fans either drove, walked, bused, and were dropped off by their parents (in some cases) to take part in a 9+ hour music festival which went without a hitch.   

Surprisingly enough, Marilyn Manson who was the headliner on this date was in the past considered a controversial performer, may have been seemed too mild by many of the fans in attendance at the festival.  However out-of-place Manson may have seemed at the start of the day,  the hardcore metal fans were there for a show, and his performance was a perfect closing to the long concert day.July.14.2009-Marilyn.Manson_0594 copy

My arrival at the venue started off just like any other event for me, drive up, check-in, and wait.  I didn’t mind however since it was a nice sunny day. 

Once I checked in, the madness of organizing and planning who was going to be interviewed and who I was going to shoot became reality.  Sometimes I am just amazed at how the tour manager(s) handle the day-to-day and hourly stress and pressure of coordinating everything.  You’ve seen it before at a show with two bands, now imagine having to deal with 10-12 bands and all the media involved.  Me, I’d just rather stick to shooting and interviewing and leave the logistics up to the professionals. (Thanks Amanda!)

After looking over the list for the tenth time, I was getting excited to see some of these bands play who I have never seen before.  I was really looking forward to seeing Trivium play, and they did not disappoint!  Scorching guitar playing and screaming vocals pierced the air causing metal meltdown of the brain but I managed to find that sweet-spot in my brain, and focused on what I had to do, and that was capture some great shots of the guys.

Behemoth who I have seen before brought what they do best, and that is the rumble and gravel voice of Nergal (and guitar) and the thumping bass of Orion.  These two guys along with Inferno on drums and Seth on guitar and backing vocals had hordes of fans shouting out “Behemoth, Behemoth,” as if they were calling out to some superhero to come to their rescue, and rescue they did, and they had the fans jumping and slamming into each other at their will.

Most of the bands including Trivium and Behemoth played on either one of two stages (Jagermeister or Hot Topics)which was dedicated to the supporting acts opening for the four main acts on the large main stage which was undercover and shaded from the hot sun.   Don’t get the wrong idea and think that just because these opening bands played a supporting roll on the tour doesn’t mean that they were any less popular than the main stage acts, in fact judging by crowd response, I’d say a couple of them may have been the highlight of the day to many fans, and any one of these opening bands could headline their own show.

I would almost have to say that there were two different groups of fans, the in-your-face death/black metal till you die group, and the “I love it loud” group who are into this type of music but when they go home they live what society would say is a normal student’s life.

On to the main stage! 

Bullet For My Valentine fronted by Matt Tuck and gang gave fans a dose of their music, and did a great job of charging up the crowd in anticipation of Slayer.  Tuck in an interview earlier in the day said that they (the band) are hungry for success.  Well, in my book they are successful, and for some young guys from the UK they are doing a bang-up job of playing for the crowd.  I hope they find as much success here in the USA as they have in Europe.  Killswitch Engage brought some needed hyper-energy to give the crowd a little boost with their pyro-technics and crazy antics of their caped crusading guitar player in sunglasses and shorts. 

At the end, it was a real toss-up for who could or should headline that night’s tour, Slayer who have been around for many years had some faithful followers who would swear by their lives that this is hands-down the best band on the planet.  On the other hand I saw a number of people wearing paint on their faces in some weird tribute, fashion statement, or something to Manson. 

July.14.2009-Slayer_0117 copyEither way both bands did not let anyone down.  Their stages were first-class and on par with any show (yes show) that you could ask for or want at a concert.  Slayer with their large emblem depicting their name hung high above the stage, once again engraving their sound, name, and image forevermore into the brains of their followers that they are still here to kick some serious ass.  

Manson on the other hand was more theatrical and I enjoyed this a lot.  I’ve always liked a handful of his music, and had seen him in the past, but this show and this tour to me, took him over the top with a great performance.  There isn’t much for me to say about Manson, you’re either going to like his stuff or you’re not, but you’ll love the show and if you don’t, I don’t know what it is that you’d be looking more for in a stage show.  My advise, find the nearest Rockstar Mayhem Festival, buy your ticket, and plan for a long day.  If you think you can’t make for entire day and don’t want to pay the money just for the main stage performers, think again.  I think you’ll be sorry if you miss your chance, even if you think you’d only like one of the bands on main stage you’ll get your monies worth just by seeing them. 

Think of it this way, you buy a CD for a couple of songs that you’ve heard and liked, and the rest are a bonus and you might find a song or two that you end up liking- samething here, you might end-up liking something you never tried listening to before.

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July 18, 2009 at 9:41 pm

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Never Shout Never screams Seattle!

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Mix 3 parts sugar, 2 parts spice, and a dash of ink for the tattoos, and what do you end up with? New pop sensation Christofer Drew Ingle of Never Shout Never.

Just 18 years of age, Ingle is somewhat of an overnight success with power to write his own ticket in the ever changing world of music.

He along with his band mates; Caleb Denison – guitar/vocals, Nathan Ellison – drums, Taylor MacFee – bass, Dustin Dobernig – keyboards, violin, and Hayden Kaiser – tambourine, djembe, xylophone played to a sold out crowd Sunday night as an opening act for Boys Like Girls in Seattle.

Their tour manager said that the band would be headlining a show the following night in Spokane, but by the looks and screams from the crowd you’d thought that they were the headliners that night.

If you can imagine a crowd made up of 90% girls between the ages of 12 and 18 screaming at the top of the lungs you would have done what I was doing half the night, and that’s plugging my ears.

Engle worked the crowd like a seasoned pro reminiscent of Tom Jones (in other words, he gave the girls what they wanted to hear) “I love you,” he said in a shy soft spoken voice, and the crowed went wild shouting back “I love you.”

I don’t think the girls in the crowd that night could have tired hearing him say those three words, and from somewhere out of the crowd over the high pitched screams, I heard a mature woman’s voice say “He’s so adorable.”  I smiled to myself and thought, “This kids got it.”

He went as far as talking to a couple in the crowd and then dedicated a song to them for which I’m sure the boyfriend of the young girl would be talking about for days to come.

Mind you, that I’m not into this kind of music, but I will admit that I enjoyed the freshness that the band and Ingle brought to the stage. Maybe they were more like the Monkey’s to me, and Ingle was like Davie Jones. No matter, these guys have a unique quality about them and will do just fine for Warner Bros. Records who recently signed them to their label.

If you’re a parent, and hear your kids talking about a band called “Never Shout Never,” no worries, it’s good clean fun.

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July 10, 2009 at 11:20 pm

Gary Allan opens Tulalip Amphitheatre summer concert

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The Tulalip Casino and Resort kicked off its summer concert series Thursday night at its outdoor amphitheatre with country singer Gary Allan.

With a string of hits, Allan brought his talent for hard rockin country music to his fans for a great show on a perfect summer evening, and one thing was assured, his fans would not be disappointed.
With all the trimmings of a rock concert the band had plenty of light and volume to even fill the open air venue.

It was hard to tell if Allan himself was having as much fun as the fans, but when he played one of his familiar hits “Airplanes,” there was no doubt that he was there having the time of his life.

After the show in one of the casino lounges Allan and his band sat around and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere meeting some of their fans and Tulalip crew.

He wasn’t as tall as I thought, but maybe that’s because on stage his presence is larger than life but in “real life” he was a down-to-earth type of guy that’s happy to be doing what he loves.
If you’re not a country fan you might want to give his songs a listen, and then decide again- who knows, you may like it.
Don’t forget to keep returning to see, read, and comment on concerts from the Tulalip Amphitheatre. 
Coming up:  Jonny Lang,  The Beach Boys, The Doobie Brothers, and more

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July 10, 2009 at 11:16 pm

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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